Kate & Jorden invited me out to Jorden’s families home near Southey for their engagement session. Prior to taking photos out on the property he grew up on, we had a tasty home cooked meal with their parents. One of the best parts of the wedding day is getting to know a couple’s friends and family. I feel so lucky I got to meet both of their parents prior to their November wedding.

I often location scout for my sessions, but I always ask if there are places and spaces that are meaningful to the couple. This helps tell the story of them and photographing in places that are familiar are often where you feel the most comfortable. This was such a special location with beauty all around.

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Whitney & Darryl | Lumsden Valley Wedding | Regina Wedding Photographer

Whitney & Darryl got married this April in the Lumsden Valley. It was a relaxed afternoon getting ready and the happiest of ceremonies.

Whitney got ready in their beautiful home. Their son was being bathed in the kitchen sink, she wrote her vows in the living room and we hung her beautiful dress in a tree in the backyard. Darryl and his groomsmen were at his brother’s plant filled home. They put on a Blink182 record and had a beer.

Now I just want to point out that getting ready at home is amazing. You have all the comforts and it is more meaningful. You don’t need a giant space, and let’s be honest, hotel rooms aren’t that big anyway. For those who are considering getting ready at home, I’d say do it!

We had a short time to do some photos in the valley and the sun was hoooooot. Whitney’s hair was blowing a bit, she looked so relaxed and happy and I told her she looked so good. I remember her saying that “it feels good” and now whenever I look at those portraits of her, I hear her saying that and it makes ME feel good!

Magpie’s Kitchen cooked up an incredible spread of food and just look at that cake! They always knock it out of the park.

They ended the night with lots and lots of dancing and I’m sure you can tell that it was a darn good time.

Dress: NWL / Hair: Michelle Furber, Urban Hair Design / Earrings: The Borrowed Collection / Makeup: Sara Lindsay / Shoes: Swank Shoe Lounge / Flowers: Wascana Flower Shoppe / Caterer & Cake: Magpie’s Kitchen / Venue: Centennial Hall 

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What is a first look? | Regina Wedding Photographer

I got some great feedback on a previous post about what an online gallery is, so I thought I’d put together more informative posts about questions that I get asked during creative consultations. Here’s a good one: what is a first look?

A first look is a time that is set up prior to the ceremony where the couple can have a few moments by themselves. Why do I love first looks? Well, I love them because I get the opportunity to photograph some incredible reactions, intimate moments and enjoy some quality portrait time with the couple before all the wedding shenanigans.

Read what a few couples I have photographed had to say about seeing one another before the ceremony:

Michelle & Steven: Having a first look was a nice way to capture the moment of seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day while still doing our photographs before everything else. We were glad that we weren’t seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony because it was nice to be able to take in the moment on our own. We got to goof around a little bit and get rid of our nerves.

Tennille & Brady: We liked the idea of how unique doing a first look was, but how personal and romantic a first look could be. We both wanted to say our own vows but hesitated thinking about saying them in front of all of our friends and family. Having a first look allowed us to make our vows super personal and neither of us had to be worried or nervous saying them in front of people. Just having the two of us in that moment was one of the most special times in my life and something I will never forget it.

Leading up to it, I felt super excited, nervous and blessed all at the same time. I tried to slow down and really embrace the moment and the seconds leading up to Brady seeing me in my gown for the first time which is something I had thought about since I was a little girl. It was very surreal!

Being solely with my other half in that moment made it super real and easy and we were able to be ourselves completely!

Graeme & Jamie: I’m glad we saw each other before the ceremony because it was nice to have a moment in the day that was just ours. We also decided to do photos before the wedding because we didn’t want to divide the night. We wanted to get to the venue and dive into the evening and didn’t want to have our guests wait around for us. The ceremony itself was more casual so it didn’t feel “taboo” to see each other prior. We picked out which traditions we wanted to keep and threw out the ones that didn’t resonate with us.

Thank you Michelle, Steven, Tennille, Brady, Graeme and Jamie for helping me out with this one. Have any questions that you want answered around here? Send me a note!

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